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X Products

X Products X Sealant - Ammunition Waterproofing Sealant

Product Code : 653341227195


Waterproof Ammunition with X SEALANT, manufactured by Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.МОе«МґеВ, the world leader in ammunition sealant technology and X Products. X SEALANT is used to waterproof ammunition cartridges. The sealant is manually applied and wicks through capillary action, penetrating crevices around crimping and primer caps before curing. The resulting barriers seal and protect gunpowder from water and other contaminants. Because ammunition is not traditionally sealed, movement through water and wet environments may cause contamination and failure. With X SEALANT - you can protect your ammunition against contamination. X SEALANT ensures reliable performance and reduces bullet pull strength variability, which may improve ballistic precision. This sealing technology allows operators to move freely through wet environments, and even underwater, confident that their ammunition will not be compromised.

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